Pat’s Siemens Schuckert D111


Pat’s latest third scale WW1 project had its maiden flight on Saturday 22nd Jan 2011.

He reports that it flew really well in light wind and cold conditions and ‘only a small amount of aileron trim was needed to off set torque. I was suprised at the low speed floatability considering the 18kg weight mainly due to the huge barrel plywood fuz’.

Here are a few photos taken on the day (Andy Johnston video’d the whole flight and I’ll try to sort out a link to it when he posts it):



And then suddenly it was Sunday 30th Jan. A fabulous day but flipping cold in the wind!

But a much nicer day than last Saturday and Tony Box was on hand with his steady hand to take these shots of the second flight:

And Vic Ford was there with his WWIIKingfisher for a second proving flight.

No pictures (some wally forgot the camera) but it looked and flew great and Vic is going to fit the floats for the next attempt. Watch this space!!