1 February 2010

I’ve been playing with this new website a fair bit and we’re nearly ready to go with it, but here are a few shots of an enjoyable Sunday afternoon at Keevil at the end of January:

Early starter John Thomas with his contrasting styles of electric aircraft.

Chris Kirk and his plan-built Cap-It.  Making a return to fixed wing flying after some 30 years, he got Mike Brode to give it its first two flights. No problems reported!

Mike was also asked to help out new member Rich Hooper, who ended an exciting flight with an unfortunate heavy landing. Repairable damage, and I believe Rich is in the market for a buddy box system to ease the learning process.

Roy and Mike having a Yak. Roy’s flew for the first time and looked good! Chris Kirk managed to get some video of it to mark the occasion – I’ll try and get the link sorted so you don’t just have to take Roy’s word for it that it’s flown.

And here, I hope, it is…

(Just a few seconds of a highly succesful maiden flight. And note the applause – why do I never get that???)