19 April 2009

Some great weather even though the wind wasn’t too helpful (again).
Rory Harris achieved his BMFA A certificate in conditions where others were happier to sit and watch so congratulations to him. Not half bad for someone who only joined the club in January with an electric RTF and is only nine year’s old! And just in case there’s any doubt, he took his test with his Wot 4 which he started, taxied out, took off, flew to the required standard, landed (engine still going!) and taxied back without assistance (as is required for the BMFA test). Andy Morse, his mentor, didn’t seem at all surprised (nor did the rest of us who have been watching his progress these last few months). Congratulations again and ‘Well done’ from all of us. Who’s next? It can be done!

Rory H Goes Solo

Rory taking a breather with mentor Andy Morse. (Not quite sure how Andy’s new Panic crept in there – perhaps Rory’s got his eyes on it for his ‘B’?)


And another thing…
Chairman Al has managed to source Club polo shirts and baseball caps at very reasonable prices (I’ve even ordered one for Junior) so contact Vic Ford our Club Secretary to place your order ASAP and be the envy of all your chums who don’t have a proper hobby!