22nd August – Family Day and Barbecue

A big ‘Thank You’ to all who attended and especially to those who stood up to be counted when it looked like we might have to cancel the event, but who on the day turned out and made the day a success. We know who you are! Thank you again.

And what about the weather? Rubbish weather on Saturday, and rubbish weather on Monday, but just this once, just this very special once, someone, somewhere in the Club must be doing something right (almost certainly not me), because conditions were perfect for a barbecue and a good day’s flying.

Many thanks to Andy Johnston and Tony Box for sending over these photos:

Waiting to be fed, or too full to move?

A hot day, and some shade to be found.

Chris Kirk and Chris Brack without whom and a few others it would not have happened…

All sorts in the Pits

Vic having a tinker with one of his many warbirds.

Andy and Tony helping out.

Vic’s fabulous electric Lancaster. Tony Box reports:
‘Vic had at had his electric powered  Lancaster up for its second test flight, unfortunately, one engine cut and test pilot Andy Hill had to make an emergency landing, which damaged the undercarriage. Initial inspection suggests one motor seized up.’

Pat Cuss’s magnificent WW1 Line up with Andy Hill’s Boomerang jet waiting for things to get up to date.

And a spot of dogfighting!

And this is what Brode Junior was up to and why we weren’t there (many, many apologies). Fully electrificated 30cc equivalent MXS. You can’t quite see the scrapes on the back of the rudder from getting too close to the tarmac, but they’re there, believe me!