At the Patch 21st Feb

Just a few shots from a pleasant Sunday a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been meaning to get round to. (I seem to be spending most of my spare time in the workshop these days trying to get on with the latest project – you know how it is?)

Brian Phillips brought out his refurbished DB Cub for some engine tuning.

He firmly and resolutely resisted all attempts by the assembled panel of experts to persuade him to try a test flight. Perhaps next time.

Brian has since sent over some more background on the Cub.

‘…could you please add that this cub had been in a garage hung up for 15 years and had been electrified before I obtained it. The front end had to be rebuilt and recovered and controls of he ailerons brought up to date with two servos. Likewise the elevator. Also wing fixings were modified. It will fly when conditions improve, ie not over the tower.’


John Thomas enjoyed numerous flights with his vintage Pioneer, an American design so he tells me. (Must get on with my Ben Buckle Biplane so we can have races, I thought.)

I tried to get some flying shots, but even with this slow flying oldie I only managed to get bits at a time, and not even enough for a decent collage. I’ll hand the camera over to Michael next time.

And Garth got back to basics with his Wot Trainer.

There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple at this time of year! I’ve got something similar in mind myself – probably just in time for the weather to improve knowing the way my builds go. Oh well.

And one of Sunday regular Ian Andrews and his faithful vintage low winger off for another flight (OK, so I should know what it is, but I don’t, and forgot to ask. I will find out.)

Ian Andrews on his way out, as it were.