Early April 2009

A well timed ‘window’ in this funny weather of ours brought the crowds out on Sunday 5th with a huge variety of planes (and ages). Low wind, even though what there was was ‘in your face’ or ‘right to left’ which didn’t help with the landings. (Having written that I realise it will make no sense at all to anyone who doesn’t fly at Keevil. And probably a few of our members as well, thinking about it. You’ll have to join to find out!)
Anyway, lots to report on and more to follow when I’ve got some time (ie when it’s not my turn to cook tea), but a couple of highlights:

Mike B was trusted to go solo with Pat Cuss’ WW1 Bristol Fighter and did a reasonable job, even after going deadstick after a roll (are they meant to do that?). I say that as his father – he may describe the experience differently. Pat was cool, calm and collected throughout the whole thing and seemed satisfied with the standard of flying. My turn next? No pressure then!

Pat C_Albatross_1 Pat C_Albatross_2 Pat C_Albatross_3

And Tony Box writes:
‘9 year old Rory Harris flew solo today, without the constraints of a buddy box and  lead. Andy Hill kept a watchful eye on proceedings. Rory practises Sunday morning on a flight simulator, before “Real” flying in the afternoon. He hopes to take his BMFA “A” test soon.’I’m sure he will. A definite ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’!

And Andy Johnston has sent some pictures in of a quiet day’s aeromodelling at the patch:


Andy’s current line up. And I guess here’s a typical one of the hardships we all have to endure of a weekend in a good cause instead of staying at home and having our roast lunches. (Don’t often see him smile like that though – it must have been the mustard!)

Spring 2009 at the Patch