Easter Weekend April 2009

Couldn’t get out today (Sunday). ‘Family commitments’ I think is how she put it. It looked like great flying weather, though. If anyone’s got any pictures, send them over!
Did manage a few hours on Saturday and had a great time flying the Cub with Michael. Will Harley turned up later on with his re-engined and tweaked electric Dornier, which Michael test flew for him, very successfully. A few pictures below to give the general idea..

Will's Dornier Before


Will's Dornier - Its flying whether it wants to or not!

During. Looks like a case of ‘It’s going to fly whether it wants to or not’!


Up and away! And into the ‘out of focus’ bit of sky that is my speciality.

Will's Dornier After

And the happy/relieved walk back to the pits after a smooth landing back on the patch. Looked great and flew well. Will declared himself ‘well pleased’.