How lucky can you get, Tony Box comes across a couple of spits

As you know, we fly with the Gryphon Aero club at Kemble. The clubs Piper PA28 Warrior is hangered  in H1 hanger.

Last July we went through the side door to get the plane out and what a sight!! 2 Spitfires were in there with BBMF personnel fussing over them. After talking with them , they were having an overnight stop between shows and were due to go off on that day.

We pulled out our plane (the first photo) and went for a spin and when we got back both Spits were outside.

What a sight.. Both taxied out and  took off, I stood behind the LF16 to take a photo from the tail and even though it was only idling the draft was nearly blowing me off my feet.

They were:- TE311 which is a LF16 and PS915 which is a Gryphon engine PR MK 19.

Have a look at the photos that Tony took and a special thank you to him for sharing his good fortune with the club.

P1080672P1080664 P1080667 P1080668 P1080671 P1080707 P1080709P1080727 P1080721