May 2009

Blimey! Where did that one go?
Lots of flying and some fabulous weather at the moment. And long may it last too.
Time for a bit of a catch up…..

Andy's Elan

Andy Hill turned up on Sunday (31st May) with his new Elan jet. Didn’t quite get it going – a couple of ‘Flamey’ moments that had us worried until he demonstrated a remarkable amount of puff and actually blew the flames out! (A good sort to have by you in a crisis, I thought, after watching his performance from a safe distance.)

And then there was Garth’s Islander, last seen at the indoor meeting last winter in basic airframe state…

Garth's Islander

Moments before the first flight.

Islander Engine Run up

Running up the engines.

Islander Landing

And back down safely after an impressive flight into on of those ‘in your face’ winds that mean you can enjoy the flying bit but eventually you’ve got to come in to land over your shoulder either by getting close to the windsock or coming in between the Control Tower and the radio mast. Not easy!

Rory Getting his A Certificate

It’s official. Rory Harris gets the ‘A’ Certificate from Club Secretary Vic Ford

New member, 10 year old (just!) Kieran Holloway with his Wot Trainer. Two good sessions on the Buddy Box under his belt, both in difficult wind conditions, and on his way… Hopefully he’ll turn up next time and the wind will be across the patch and he’ll wonder what all the fuss was about! (Haven’t seen dad Darren fly yet – not another indulgent father and anyway how would I know how that feels?!!)

Kieran Holloway

Brian Phillips sneaked this undercover shot of Dave Evans making his way back to the pits with an electrificated  Tommy Boy. Not sure at this range but it looks like he might even be smiling. Whatever next?

Electrified Dave Evans