Roy’s Carden Yak..

No access to Keevil this weekend (no great loss as the weather’s been rubbish) so I imagine, like me, everyone’s been catching up on all those chores that mean we can go and play when the weather’s better (or is it just me who has to run a balance sheet??). Will Harley and Roy Packer have sent me some piccies for the website so you’re not just subjected to shots of my garage and half completed projects….

Roy has been working on one of those Hangar 9 Carden Yaks this summer, and apparently it’s ready to go subject to a bit of radio tweaking. He has also tried to justify his appalling lack of attendance at Keevil recently (and it has been noted) with some story about refitting a kitchen at Packer Towers.
Roy Packers Excuse 2009

He sent in this photo by way of explanation
Two thoughts instantly occurred to me:

1: ‘Crikey, I wish I could do stuff like that’ and
2: ‘Crikey, I hope my wife never sees this – she’ll try and swop me again’

Followed quickly by another one:

3: If he got rid of those taps and stuck on a vice, that would make a darned fine workbench

Anyway, hats off to Roy for admitting he’s got his priorities completely wrong, and when we’ve forgiven him we shall expect him up at Keevil every weekend when it’s open and not actually raining (too hard, anyway) for the next six months.

And Will Harley has also been busy. He’s also had the Ben Buckle Bug, and is well on the way to completing a BB Auster:
Will Harley Workshop 2

Will Harley Workshop 1

Will Harley BB Auster