Sukhoi SU26

Sukhoi 1

Sukhoi 2

Not something you see everyday, but Tony and Brian were on hand to take the evidence!

‘Had a Sukhoi SU26 drop into Keevil this afternoon, ran low on fuel and taxied over to us enquiring about Avgas, luck was with him as the Gliding club was still there and sold him 60 ltrs. He had been doing a display at Weston S M and was heading home to a strip near Stanstead, but ran low after trying to avoid the bad weather.’


Big smiles! Lucky so and so’s. (Hey, this guy must have the same problem with spats as we do and left them off. He must be rubbish at landing too.) And we’d decided that it was a building day rather than a flying day. That’ll teach us. Anyway, anyone else think that these two look like those guys that were in that ‘Top Gun’ movie about fighter pilots? What were their names – ‘Maverick Phillips’ and his arch rival ‘Ice Box’???

Post script: A bit of Internet research later by Tony and it turns out that the pilot was non other than Paul Bonhomme, winner of this year’s Red Bull races. (I withdraw the comment about his landings!)