Sunday August 1st

At least, that’s the date my notes tell me these photos were taken. Don’t know where the times goes. Anyway, a pleasant Summer’s day at Keevil with a good selection of aircraft to enjoy.

Here’s a couple of Garth’s scratch built Foster Wickner ‘Wicko’.

I happened across this excellent article on the Wicko when I was checking the spelling:
Worth a browse if you’ve got a moment, and testimony to the accuracy of Garth’s building.

Roy Packer gave his GeeBee racer an airing

Ian Andrews flew his Stentorian

Built from plans, this is a Phil Smith design which was originally available as Veron kit (remember him/them?)

John Thomas had his YT Sea Fury

Powered by a Laser 200 twin. Sounded lovely, but quite thirsty John says.

And it was great to see Andrew Sims and his mum Noreen. Andrew is learning to fly with his dad Alan’s Keil Kraft Falcon. Murco 61 powered. Tony Box related the story of how Alan acquired the model in 1953 when he was doing his National Service down in Newqay. Not having a car, the plane was brought all the way back to Wiltshire on the back of Alan’s motorbike! It seemed to fly beautifully (could have been the Tony/Alan combination) and give ideal trainer type performance. Worth a closer look if you come across it.