Tony Box’s 2010 Winter Project


Tony’s taken on another interesting build to keep himself busy and out of trouble this winter.

‘It is a ¼ scale Cessna 165 Airmaster. 102 inch span. Plan is from “US wing,” plans only sold through ebay. I think that the Airmaster series were the only cessna’s to have a radial cowl. There is only one registered in this country and the enclosed photo is of it. It was built in 1940 and Cessna ceased production of them in 1941.’

Tony advises us that ‘No I don’t do my building in the lounge, I just couldn’t photo it in my shed with the wing together (2 piece wing).’

(I’m afraid to admit that our building takes place in the workshop, garage, dining room,
kitchen and lounge  – although sometimes, in all fairness, we are made to clear away between sessions!)

Photo of the real thing taken at Keevil in 2006 by Richard Holloway.