Tony’s Piel Emerauld CP301

Tony Box has provided more details of the intriguing scratch built plane he brought along to November’s meeting.
Tony's PE CP301

‘It was going to be my “Winter project” but when you are retired, you seem to spend more time in the workshop to avoid getting any domestic chores.

It’s a Piel Emerauld CP301, The full size is up in the Hanger on the airfield. They are home builds and Piel Emerauld is the designer of the well known CAP10 series (it looks a bit like one).

Model is to ¼ scale making it about 82 inch span. Powered by a MVVS 26 sparky. Weighs 12lbs 8oz. Had to draw up my own plans as there nothing model wise about. It is now finished, but will have to run in the engine and ground checks before flying…and wait for some decent Weather.’