Vic’s New Hurricane

Some shots of Vic’s Hurricane getting its maiden flight. It’s a Mk 1 Hurricane in Polish airforce colours. Vic’s research tells him that this squadron was chalking up the highest number of kills early in the war because of the experience and expertise of the Polish pilots.



photo´s John Bishop

Chris Kirk’s Spit

Chris Kirk is working on his Tony Nijhuis Spitfire – 72″ span, 26cc petrol power. This is one of the early days, it’s ready for a coat of paint now.

Carlos’ Ansaldo SVA 5 Nears Completion

Carlos writes that he has had comments about the flag’s colour on the side of the fuselage that it should be orange and not red (!). He’s gone for red because the Italian flag is green, white and red and because he’s studied the full size for some six months prior to building and still uses it as his main reference. There’s attention to detail! Unfortunately I can’t publish the photos of the full size he sent over as they are copyrighted but I’m sure a little internet research would throw them up if you’re interested.
And he’s posted this on YouTubey:


Carlos’s Ansaldo Update


Carlos has clearly not been idle as the nights draw in and has sent these photos of how he’s getting on with his third scale Ansaldo SVA project:






I nearly finished the tail wing, cowl, support top of main wing and undercarriage and have only some small things to do. I hope to start work in top wing this week.

Mmm. He’s making me look bad with how my DVII’s getting on. Time to shift gear then to get things ready for 2011!