Club Members Aircraft

This Tiger Moth is from the the Flair kit and is powered by a 38cc 4st petrol engine which has been a little problematic. The model is 1/4 scale as has a wing span of 88″. It’s covered in Solartex and painted with Humbrol red and silver wheels paint.



This model is to about 28% scale which is around 6.5 ft span, weighs 9kg and is powered by a 35cc MVVS petrol engine. It’s covered in white Solartex, with white paint being Delux emulsion and the red paint being ordinary enamel. Fuel proof is Rustins two pack floor sealer (same as Tufcote)

Historical Note:-

The Spezio Tuholer was developed by Tony Spezio in the states. He lived near an aviation scrap yard and had various bits from aircraft to make up 45 kits, the  first one being constructed in 1961.  When this aircraft was being looked over by the experimental aircraft examiner, he noticed it had two cockpits and decided to name it “Tuholer”. Two  examples ended up in this country,  both had crashed and I think one was in Holland with a view to be rebuilt.

tony_tuholer1 tony_tuholer2Spezio Tuholer_1004