Lavington Stem Day

The message below has been sent from Lavington school to the Gazette and Herald and hopefully to the Wiltshire times so well done to Peter and the team for the Stem day.

As part of our ongoing commitment to STEM opportunities at Lavington School, we were delighted to host a STEM Flight day: Engineered for flight, supported by the Wessex Model Flying Club. Six pilots joined us for the day from the Keevil club, bringing along with them an impressive knowledge base and a range of model aircraft used as part of the dynamic presentation to Year 8 and KS4 students. 

The Flight Day gave groups of young people a chance to be motivated in their study of STEM subjects and to see the exciting career opportunities available in the dynamic sectors of aviation and aeronautical engineering, which included investigating the science and engineering behind the principles of flight, gliding and aviation. Students built, prototyped and tested their own models in the workshop, testing their own Aerojet and Hawk planes for length of flight, plus most creative and daring designs that flew well. A flight and static display of model aircraft was memorable and bought the workshop activities to life with practical examples that prompted plenty of discussion about the principles of flight, radio gear, learning to fly, model types, start up jets and the finer detail of flying a helicopter and jet.
This was a brilliant day organised by the DT Faculty and an absolute pleasure to welcome our six pilots into school and work with us  to enhance our STEM provision in the classroom.

Kind regards,
Anna Woodman