Sunday 11 April 2010

After a fine day on Saturday with no access allowed, the weather turned windy and cold again especially for aeromodellers on Sunday. A fair few intrepid types braved the cold and difficult flying conditions, but just this once (!) we didn’t fancy it and retreated after a quick natter to a more sheltered corner of Wiltshire.

Tony Box sent over this photo of his Piel Emerauld CP301 and its full size inspiration to confront the myth that you only ever see one of them at Keevil at a time. How’s about some spats then Tony, to really confuse us?

To which comment Tony riposts:
‘The reason there is no spats on the Emerauld is that I have photos of the full sized without spats and when talking to the owner, he said that when flying off grass he takes them off as Grass clogs up the wheels (like models). When flying off Tarmac, he puts the spats back on as if the tarmac is wet, the prop churns up the water and blots out the windscreen.’