For 2022 the following elected officials are in charge of club affairs:

Club Officers
Chairman Peter Watts 01380 812459
Secretary Simon Johnson 01380 871962
Treasurer  John Bird  01380 871393


Committee Members
Clive Orchard
Richard Holloway
Peter Houghton
Bob Condrey

Membership Fees for 2022

The annual membership includes: (1) BMFA membership and insurance (2) Club Fees BMFA membership is compulsory, but does include insurance up to £25,000,000. An individual certificate of insurance will be issued. A Junior is anyone under the age of 16 on the 31st Dec 2022. For those over 16 but still in full time education, a special Student Fee of TBA can be paid on production of a Students Union card.

If you wish to join the Club please download and complete 2022 WMFC Membership Form and return to the address on the form with your payment confirmation.

Fees For: Senior Juniors Family/Junior Junior/Family/Partner Non Flying
BMFA £40 £18 £14 £27 £18
Club £80 £16 £16 £80 £18
CAA Fee £9          
BMFA Card £3.50