Tony Box – Fairchild R24 Argus winter 2017

Here are some photos of my current project. It is a Fairchild R24 Argus, 90 inch span, not sure of the power source yet , electric or petrol. It has given me some grief getting it sorted, but nearing the end of main construction now. As you will see from the photo of a full size, the undercarriage is a pain, but hopefully it will be ok. By the way, Argus’ were made with 2 types of engines, one was a radial with a Scarab engine and my one has a Ranger engine hence the suffix “R”.


Its in the process of being painted at the moment. Have decided to change the colour scheme from the previous photos, have found a UK registered one, so it will be white with yellow trim.

As you will see, the undercarriage  is quite complicated , but has worked out ok, with a working Oleo leg.

And finally….

2 thoughts on “Tony Box – Fairchild R24 Argus winter 2017

  1. Nearly finished covering it now Chris. Covered in white Solartex to give a good base for painting.
    Still not yet decided on the colour scheme, there are several still about , mostly in USA.

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