Keevil Access – Aug 2019

Hi, For those who may not read our emails but do look at the web page – there is no access to Keevil Airfield until further notice.  This is due to an issue with our insurance cover which only effects members on Keevil Airfield where as we are fully covered for flying elsewhere.


More shortly.

Well done to these three

A big well done to these three. Mick has passed and been awarded his BMFA examiners certificate for fixed wing.  Peter has passed his A test and John, believe it or not, has passed his B test.


Staring procedures at Poulshot

You will have seen that we have acquired additional land in which to locate the pits. This is to ensure a more clearly defined “no-fly” area irrespective of wind condition, a better pits area and safer sitting area. This is all to provider a safer environment for us to enjoy our hobby. We hope to bring this into use towards the end of May when the newly sown grass can be cut.
In the meantime, we would take this opportunity to remind members of the safety procedures when using the pits.
All planes and starting equipment must be located adjacent to the long grass which divides the pits from the flying area. All planes must face the patch and be tethered.
This is the only area where planes can be started, or in the case of electric, made “live” by connecting the battery. For yours and everyone’s safety you must comply with this.